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39 sits on the old dalt tee~

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39 is a highly exclusive organisation, comprising 13 utterly talentless members. Members refer to it as a squad, and address each other by the affectionate term "squadmate". We don't expect you to understand. We are emo and antisocial and revel in activities that bring nothing but pain do nothing but lessen our self-worth. But we still do it. We may even like it. It's a religion.

No, we do not accept new members. (We have secretsssss....) But fans are welcome. :)

Oh by the way, WE LOVE NPCC!!!!!!!!<3<3<3♥♥♥♥♥
ah-hua, amk hub, anal-retentive people, bad hairdos, badges, badly made presents, bald grass plots, bald teachers, banana dance, bandages, beauty world, black socks, blisters, blood, campcraft, campfire songs, chicken rice, clichés, confirming deborah's heritage, coronation plaza, crowding in the bus, cutting already short hair, deborah, drills, ecp, emoing, failed outings, fbts, felt, flipflops, golden rooster, huishan, jiawen, jieqi, jinqing, jomain, ju, kbox, lion dance, making fun of zhiyi, mud, mug, muscle aches, nanyang, nydalt, nynp, polishing boots, pt, pumping, rifles, rollerskating, rushing for proposals, sewing, shooting, shuai guys, sijia, squad dramas, squadmates, squishy shoes, stalking ma'ams, taekwondo, tans, tests, the ny snacks stall, total defence test, tucked-out peshirts, water cooler, water cooler gossip, worn out shoes, yinhwee, yuanhan, yunghian, zhiyi, zhiying